Our Company


Since 2012 ecoFrames is a film production company, executive production service and creative studio for film, television and advertising.

We manage with passion, in all its steps, the realization of audio-visual projects starting from the development of the idea to post-production.

We focus on environmental protection, through the use of eco-sustainable working methods and technologies. We have become leaders in our field, boasting active collaborations with clients in all five continents.

Our team is a mix of established professionals and talented young people in all roles in the film and audio-visual world, creating a synergy between experience and innovation that makes ecoframes products unique.


Special Mention of the Daniele Vernon De Mars Award promoted by the European Union, UNESCO, the Ministry of the Environment and the Region of Tuscany.

The motivation was: the concrete commitment of Ecoframes Production for the reduction of emissions, the training and use of local professionals and the innovative ecofriendly approach in the Film and Television sector.


Our passion for audiovisuals and our desire to tell stories have given birth to ecoFrames, we have always focused on the constant search for balance between the idea of beauty and the value of storytelling.

We follow a modern and innovative approach to the world of cinema in all its variations, from original products to executive productions.

We combine all this with the prerogative of protecting the environment: since our foundation we have always worked with the use of eco-sustainable methods and technologies, so that even art and cinema can start a change.