Funk-Azzisti (2014)

Comedy | TV series

Frenetic rhythms, lightning-fast jokes, and the beautiful city of Florence as scenery, are the elements of this new project. The story revolves around a group of friends who are no longer very young and who are trying to make ends meet and whose misadventures are told in an innovative way, all through the subjectivity of one of them.

Technical Cast

DIRECTION: Marco Limberti
SUBJECT AND SCREENPLAY: Marco Limberti, Alessio Coluccia e Riccardo Iacono
MOUNTING HELP: Matteo Giulio Pagliai
PHOTOGRAPHY: Daniele Botteselle
A PRODUCTION: ecoFrames Film & Tv, Icaroff

Artistic cast

Giacomo Carolei

Luca SetaDiego CasaleMax Galligani

Ecoframes in collaboration with Icaroff has realized the pilot of the TV series “Funk-azzisti” directed by Marco Limberti. Thanks to all the technical and artistic staff for the excellent work and thanks to all the newspapers and websites that surprised us with the number of articles dedicated to the project: among the newspapers: La Nazione, Corriere della Sera, Corriere Nazionale, Daily Media, Intoscana, Firenze Post, Alcinema and many others!!! Following the communication of the Ansa. 
(ANSA) – FLORENCE, 27 FEBRUARY – First take today in Florence of the new TV series entitled “Funk-azzisti” directed by Marco Limberti on the story of four precarious and misfit young people living in a historic house in the Tuscan capital. “The series – explained Matteo Cichero of Ecoframes, among the producers – has been requested both by Mediaset and Sky. It is a pilot project of which the first episode will be released on the web in August and then on TV waiting for the proposals of the two groups. There will be about 24 episodes”.  The whole series will be shot subjectively following the point of view of the protagonist so that the viewer will never see his face.
The sit-com tells the life of 4 tenants – made up of surreal scenes, sketches and everyday life – who live in a historic (and frescoed) penthouse in Florence (in Via dei Serragli) but devastated by the conditions in which they live. The protagonists will be played by actors Giacomo Carolei (Un medico in famiglia), Luca Seta (Un posto al sole), Massimiliano Galligani (Scorie), Ciccio Toccafondi (Dieci ragazze), Niki Giustini (Gli amici del bar Margherita), Rosanna Susini (Il commissario Manara), Vicenzo De Caro (Ricomincio da tre) and Eleonora Cappelletti (Benvenuti in amore). The first part will be dedicated to finding a tenant who is suitable for their needs and who accepts the conditions in which the house is located. “Each character – explained Cichero – is sculpted with very precise characteristics and is strongly characterized”. Their daily life made of precariousness, social difficulties and integration has a shudder thanks to the presence of their neighbor (played by Cappelletti): a very pretty woman who will attract their attention every day.
“The troupe – explained the producer – is made up 100% of Tuscan professionals”. The director Limberti is back from the TV success of Love Bugs with Michelle Hunziker and Fabio de Luigi. The pilot of the TV series comes to life from the production companies Ecoframes and Icaroff and the meeting of six people: Marco Limberti, Riccardo Iacono, Alessio Coluccia, Matteo Giulio Pagliai, Andrea Poli and Matteo Cichero.

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