Milions of americans watched “A Sunday Morning in Florence”, the special episode of “CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley” dedicated to Florence and Tuscany, of which Ecoframes Film & Tv has been both executive production and production service. It has been a privilege for us to work with one of the most famous American TV programs, winner of 3 Emmy Awards. A magnificent experience which allowed us to work with the tv icon Jane Pauley and producer Rand Morrison winner of 10 Emmy Awards. We also had the pleasure to work with an international crew, with professionals from all over the world, and to host them in our beautiful Tuscany.

You can watch the special on this site

We thank all the people, companies and institutions which collaborated to the realisation of the episode

Andrea Poli Dirolan, Francesco Rossi, Caterina Pavarelli, Paola Piattelli, Toscana Film Commission, Raffaella Elise, Alberto Murtas, Lorenzo Scelsi, Filippo Piovesan, Marco Carrano, Matteo Gattini, Nina Faticati, Ilaria Guidi, Sara Luckenbach, Marco Cantini, Lorenzo Galanti, Mauro Comodi, Giuseppe Comodi, Samuele Serangeli, Ricky Rashkoff, F.ll Cartocci, SaettaDrivercar, Giada Nardini, Andrea Innocienti, Gianluca Cinelli

Thanks to: Jon Carras, Costanza Barone, Wim de Vos, Mike Hernandez, Massimo Casseriani, Tomas Vavrusa, Marcus de Vos, Amy Rosner, Amol Mhatre, Lee Cowan, Sari Aviv, Abdi Cadani, Phil Sparks, Martha Teichner

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